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Adelaide Airport Transfers
Adelaide is not a common arrival point for visitors from overseas, but if you do reach here by air, either from overseas or by a domestic flight, the airport is only seven kilometres from the city centre. There is an airport bus which will take you into the city. If you wish to pay less, walk to the airport entrance, about 500 metres, and take a city bus no. 276 or 278 from the far side of the road. You will then have two hours to take as many buses, trains or trams as you wish. If you prefer, you can pay a bit more and travel for the rest of the day. If your destination is Glenelg, the no. 278 in the opposite direction, from the near side of the road, will take you there.

Flights to Adelaide
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Long-distance Trains
A few years ago, all long-distance trains here used to be broad gauge (5 feet 3 inches) and used to operate from the stately and very convenient Adelaide Station, in the city centre. Now, however, all interstate trains are standard gauge and are diverted, therefore, to Keswick Terminal, which is in an inconvenient location on the outskirts of the city centre. It is possible to walk into the city, but it is just a little too far to be enjoyable, about three kilometres.

To use a suburban train, you have to go out of the interstate terminal, turn left, walk up the hill, turn left across the footbridge and make your way down to one of the two suburban platforms, guessing on which of the two a train will arrive first. The suburban station is unmanned, but you can press a button to try to find out about train times. Tickets can be bought from a machine on the train. If you prefer, having walked this far, you can go a few metres more to the Anzac Highway and take a bus from the near side of the road into the city centre.

However, the easiest method of reaching the city centre from the Keswick Terminal is to take the Airport Bus which calls in here every half hour on its way to the city (and on its way to the Airport too).

Trains using the Keswick Terminal are the Overland to and from Melbourne four times a week, going by day and returning by night, the Indian-Pacific between Sydney and Perth twice a week in each direction and the Ghan which runs to Alice Springs twice a week, with one of the journeys continuing to Darwin.

Long-distance Buses
If you arrive by bus, you will be fortunate, for the long-distance bus terminal is in the heart of the city in Franklin Street. Greyhound and McCafferty’s use the Franklin Street Terminal, as does Premier Stateliner, which operates most long-distance services within South Australia. Most other long-distance companies use it too, but Firefly starts from and terminates at its office on the other side of Franklin Street, immediately opposite the main bus terminal.

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V-Line, the Victorian railway operator, runs two co-ordinated services to Adelaide. V-Line, when it was known as Victorian Railways, was the joint operator, with South Australian Railways, of the Overland. Now South Australian Railways has disappeared and the Overland is operated by Great Southern Railway, but V-Line operates a competitive service. One takes the train from Melbourne to Bendigo and there transfers to a bus for the remainder of the journey to Adelaide. It is a pleasant ride, to be recommended, for one sees scenery through which one would not normally pass on bus or train, although the road is a little bumpy in parts. The journey takes ½hours and operates every day.

The second co-ordinated service operated by V-Line is a Sydney to Adelaide service, but this is not as much fun, as the timing is inconvenient. One takes the night train at 20:43 from Sydney bound for Melbourne, and alights at Albury at 3:54. A bus then conveys you to Adelaide, arriving at 16:15. Thus it is a seven-hour train journey, followed by a 12½ hour bus ride. This service too operates every night, with the V-Line buses using the Franklin Street Bus Terminal.


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