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The most popular destination for a one-day trip from Adelaide is the Barossa Valley. The Barossa Valley is the most famous place in Australia for wine. The valley was first settled by Europeans in 1842, most of the settlers arriving from Prussia and Silesia to escape religious persecution.




They brought with them a love of wine and a knowledge of how to grow vines and produce their favourite beverages, so the Barossa Valley became one of the first wine-growing areas in the country, and the most successful. It is only in recent years that the supremacy of the region has experienced any serious challenge, but it remains the most popular tourist destination with those seeking alcoholic refreshment.

Barossa Valley

There are several small towns in the Valley, the principal of which is Nuriootpa, just off the main Stuart Highway leading to Sydney. To the south-west of Nuriootpa lies Tanunda, while Angaston is to the south-east of Nuriootpa. Accommodation is readily available in these three locations, much of it rather up-market.

Because the Barossa Valley is so close to Adelaide, only about ninety minutes by road, there are many tours offered, usually including lunch. Alternatively, there are bus services to Nuriootpa with Stateliner, while Barossa Adelaide Passenger Service operates to Tanunda, Nuriootpa and Angaston. It should be noted, however, that the morning service provided by Barossa Adelaide Passenger Service departs from Evanston, not from the centre of Adelaide. The best way to catch it is to take a train to Gawler Central, where the bus leaves from the Visitors Centre, 5 minutes walk from the station, at 7:30.

There is a privately-operated Wine Train, a restored 1952 railcar, which runs from Adelaide to Tanunda and back on Sundays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The train, being broad gauge, is able to operate from Adelaide Station in the centre of the city (platform 9). Departure is at 8:50, with the journey taking ninety minutes. Return from Tanunda is at 15:50.

You will find that the Barossa Valley caters very much for tourists, with the streets of the small towns lined with restaurants, souvenir shops, homely accommodation and, of course, stores selling wine. Some of the wineries are accessible on foot from the towns, but most require transport. About half of the fifty local producers lie along the road used by the Barossa Adelaide Passenger Service bus, so can be reached by that means of transport.

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